The Right Pest Control: Bed Bugs

One of the worst nuisances any home can harbor is bed bugs. Compared to other infestations, these are the hardest to eradicate because bed bugs are so adept surviving for extended periods of time while reproducing at enormous rates. They can put even fleas and termites to shame in this area.

bed bugsThere are two pest control bed bug protocols one can take to eradicate them from the home: find a professional service or take on the project yourself. With either option, the steps are relatively similar with actions that include preparing the home for inspection, the actual examination, and implementing the correct pest control treatment while monitoring the progress of the treatment. Our goal is to keep the bed bugs from having access to places they like to hide and feed by ridding clutter from your home. While you’re completing this step, you’ll want to inspect those areas for any evidence of bed bugs, such as shells, feces, or the bugs themselves.

When you’ve found them in your home, you’ll want to determine how bad the infestation is before setting your course for the real pest control bed bugs you’ll want to pursue. The last step is treating your home for these little pests and monitoring the progress of your treatment as it works to decimate the population of bed bugs in your home. After this, you’ll want to pursue steps to prevent a second infestation by inspecting and cleaning anything that comes into your home from luggage, clothes, sheets, and other modes of bed bug transportation.